What is Coaching?

In essence, coaching begins with a conversation between the client and coach in a 1-2-1 meeting either in person, the phone or videoconference. The client will bring their specific challenges and ambitions to the coaching session and the coach will help the client to work towards achieving positive and lasting outcomes. 

Coaching is not a one-off exercise where you will book one session and get what you want (although that sometimes can happen too). Rather, the work between the coach and client will usually span over several months while you work through deep change that has long-lasting positive impact. 


Everyone's story is different. That means there is no standard template that can be applied towards your specific challenges and unique goals that you set for yourself. Therefore, my coaching is bespoke and tailored towards the specific objectives you want to achieve. I draw on a range of different tools and techniques to support you in identifying where you are and where you want to go.


Effective coaching is about helping you:

  • Establish your life's objectives and ambitions

  • Gain clarity on internal blockers

  • Generate different perspectives and solutions

  • Manage energy towards goal achievement

  • Hold you accountable to your identified actions

  • Implement long-lasting positive change


Once you have decided to embark on the coaching journey with me, you are making an investment for life.

You also get so much more than coaching sessions:

  • Personalisation: We will be creating a tailored programme for your specific needs

  • Clarity: Start seeing limiting beliefs for what they are and then destroy them

  • Transformation: We will be doing a deep dive on your life that will have a lasting impact

  • Action: Each session will leave you empowered to go and take action towards your dreams

  • Accountability: I will check in on you between sessions to see how you are performing against your objectives

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