Who I am

The first time I experienced the power of coaching was when I was just seven years old. Back then, my biggest passion was playing football. I dreamed of organising a tournament for the whole school.


There was, however, one big problem. I was a pretty shy kid, and terrified of rejection! That was, until, a teacher stepped in and helped me change my mindset. She guided me to examine the possible positive outcomes of the challenge, rather than focusing on my worries and fears.

“Imagine how proud of yourself you will be if you put in the work and fulfil your dream. Let me help you”.


With that short statement she began to shift my perspective and give me the energy and encouragement I needed, to go after the thing I most wanted.


When we start our conversation, that is what I am going to help you with: energy, encouragement, and – most importantly – a shift in perspective. As a qualified performance coach, that is what I do.


I help my clients realise their biggest ambitions, goals and dreams by shifting their perspective from a place of fear to a place of possibility.


The outcomes for my clients are nothing short of transformational.


Diploma in Transformational Coaching

Certificate in Group Coaching & Facilitation

MSC in International Management & Leadership

While I am supportive and fair, my job is also to call out excuses, poor theories and limiting beliefs. I understand that change won’t happen if we don’t take action, with the necessary discipline. This is the standard I hold my clients to.

I believe focusing on future opportunities is more constructive than dwelling on the past. My primary field of interest is self-development: helping others develop gives me both meaning, and a sense of purpose. Seeing clients achieve their goals with the tools I offer them is the greatest reward.


If it hadn’t been for that primary school teacher, my dream would have remained an aspiration. Instead, she helped me to focus on what was important, and the result? I ran a successful event that empowered me to believe I could overcome my fears, and make shit happen!

That is why I love doing what I do as a coach. I help my clients explore what they are capable of achieving. The inspiration and passion they get once they discover the possibilities that are available to them makes this the most rewarding career choice that I can imagine.


I live my life applying the lessons that I learned back on that day in school. By being clear about what I want, and focusing on the potential benefits of my actions, I have been able to hold myself accountable to the standards I wanted to implement in my personal life. I think big and introduce change when life’s distractions pull me away from my vision.


I believe it takes bold action and commitment to make our dreams reality. If you are ready to talk about your vision, dreams and aspirations then I am the person that can help you make it your reality. Are you ready to start owning your story again?

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