(it's not all) about me


...am a good listener, empathetic, loyal and supportive.


...love spending quality time with people that are close to me and prefer deep conversations to loud clubs any day of the year.


...struggle when talk is superficial. It bores me and I don’t stay involved for long. I usually have little to say in those situations.


...work efficiently, plan and see things through. I work with integrity. I have a strong sense of social duty and volunteer and try to bring good to the world. Even small things matter.


...don’t think I am particularly creative and I hate thinking on the spot. Keep me off your team when it comes to playing board games that require quick thinking!


...am a deep thinker and approach challenges rationally after I have been given time to think through them thoroughly.


...am half German and half Scottish which definitely has led to plenty of confusion about my accent in the past. I like to think that I however get the best out of both halves by working efficiently but also being able to have a laugh and take a joke on me.


...don’t like making decisions on the spot and I usually need a lot of data to make an informed decision. I don’t want to miss important details and disadvantage people over my decisions.


...stay kind to myself. And I put a lot on effort on making people understand that being kind to yourself is key.


...always aim to becoming a better person, build up my skillset and challenge myself to leave my comfort zone whenever possible. This led me to South America where I was working without prior language skills, paragliding in the Philippines and choosing to start my own coaching practice over a safe corporate career.


...value personal freedom highly. I believe people should be in charge of their own life and not be told what to do or where to go.


...have a strong sense of justice. When I feel people treat others or me unfairly I speak up. I value kindness and think people need more compassion in a world that is spinning too fast.

...eat everything and all the time. It's a bit of an issue.

...like the idea of of opening my own retreat on a beach in Bali one day, learn surfing and connect with likeminded people. I mean, who wouldn't right... 

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