My Story

The first time coaching triggered my interest was during a period where I was feeling extremely low personally. After leaving University I quickly joined a large corporation with the desire of quickly working myself up the hierarchy and start leading teams within a few years. I had studied Management & Leadership as my Masters and so I felt I was prepared for the real world of business.


Oh boy, how wrong I was... 

I knew that the financial industry had a reputation of being results driven but what really got to me was the lack of human connection among colleagues. Relationships were usually very transactional and building up a tribe of people proved to be more challenging than I had anticipated.


Add to the mix a couple of poor leaders and the final product was me feeling completely disillusioned by the corporate experience. I never felt so lonely before.

See that picture? Smiling, but deep down I was pretty miserable at that time.

The situation at work affected me so badly that it was showing up everywhere else in my life. I was always stressed. Always is a bad mood. I had no energy to do anything after work and just wanted to be left alone.

I really did not like the way I was showing up. And so I sought help. I hired a coach.

Coaching changed everything

I enjoy working with young professionals because I can normally relate to the challenges they are experiencing. I feel a lot of us are completely lost in their careers and are either resigned to the fact or simply don't know how to change their situation for the better. Others are looking to take the next step but are unsure how to proceed. Those situations speak to my previous experience.

Speaking to a coach helped me tremendously when I was feeling so lost in my work space. It helped me gain a fresh perspective and that I had the power to introduce positive changes in my life. More importantly, I had the chance to just talk about my situation without being bombarded with tips and extra information. I felt that my situation was personal and so I needed a tailored approach to address my challenges.

I now offer those opportunities to the people I work with. And I love what I do.

When working with me you have someone at your side that supports you throughout your journey. Someone who helps you develop a new perspective and path ahead, leaving you energised and ready to conquer the world again. But also someone who challenges and calls you out on your bullsh*t when need be.

The result? Clarity, confidence and a plan of action.

I needed someone like that back then. Perhaps you do too?


Then I am right here for you when you are ready to talk.

My Qualifications

Here is some hard evidence to show you what qualifies me to be your coach.

MSc in Leadership

I hold a Masters in Management &  Leadership. This is where my passion for people development stems from.

Diploma in Transformational Coaching

This is when I took my coaching to the next level.

Certificate in Group Coaching and Facilitation

In 2019, I completed my certificate which allows me to coach in larger groups.

Image by Christopher Burns
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