Kindness series 2/5: On kindness as a value

About six months ago I did my first ever exercise on values. The exercise was part of my coaching diploma and I had never really given much thought about what I value the most beforehand. The task was to choose your top five values out of a list of values that spanned across two pages. Then you had to narrow it down to three. And then to just your number one value. Guess what I got?

It was an interesting exercise as I had never properly explored the motives of my actions and how I approach and engage with the people around me. Finding out that I value kindness the most was slightly surprising too. I realised that showing kindness to others was meant to be at the centre of my belief system. It forced me to look more closely at how i was living my life and how I was connecting with my core values.

This lead me to understand that helping others in a more direct and measurable way would help me connect more deeply with my values. Shortly after this exercise I quit my corporate job.

I had understood that it would never align with my core beliefs and with every day I would stay there longer I would be missing the chance of connecting with people at the level that I wanted to. Coaching has filled that gap where I can make an impact at a level that fully aligns with my core belief system.

What are your top three values? What drives your decision-making on a daily basis and how connected do you feel to the actions that you take?

P.S. If you would like to do this exercise yourself then ping me a message and i will send you the sheet.

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