Kindness series 3/5: On kindness in society

To me it feels that society has never been so divided as it is today. There are many different reasons that have lead to this including the growing income gap between rich and poor, the internet where you can be whoever you want to be as long as you are not like the rest of us and finally a general lack of empathy for the views and circumstances of others.

Especially the latter point got me thinking about how we could re-introduce kindness as a core value by which we live by as a functioning society. And this can only be broken down at an individual level where each one of us acts as a role model when it comes to showing compassion and understanding for the challenges others are facing. Once we understand that each one of us acts from a place of best intention new forms of dialogues are possible.

Let's work on giving others the benefit of the doubt more often before jumping to conclusions so quickly. Let's try and remove ourselves from our unique paradigms from now and then to allow us to see the world through the lens of others. I think if we were to allow us to do so more often, then new levels of understanding for the needs of others will open up. And from that place we truly can re-introduce kindness as a principle where we support each others through the struggles we face as a society.

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