On Self-Reflection

Updated: May 13, 2020

What a strange time we live in. There is no right way to feel right now but yet I continue to feel a certain pressure that I should be using my time “more efficiently” and “do more” than I currently am. The external pressure I feel when I go on social media and look at all those high-flying coaches is immense. I quickly log out again. And yet, there is a certain urge to connect with a community of like-minded to help navigate through this difficult time.

I have decided to not let it phase me and start paying more attention to the inner me. There is more time for this now and the constant distractions that used to dominate my life have quietened down. Time to think. Time to do a check in on how I am actually doing, don’t you think? I feel that now presents a time to press the pause button and really connect with where we are right now, how it feels and then re-baseline to determine where we want to go.

The way I have tried to give my mind a bit of space to just calm down and think is quite simple really: I got rid of all my electronic devices for an hour, went into my backyard and just sat on a chair in the sun. Let the mind wander. Once I overcame the first 10 minutes of intense panic THAT I WASN’T DOING ENOUGH slowly but surely I managed to connect with my inner self. I did a Deep Dive.

And the results were beautiful. In fact, if it hadn’t been for that Deep Dive I wouldn’t have started this page. See, I realised that the stuff that really makes me happy and brings me fulfilment is building and maintaining relationships. That is the reason I started coaching last year. Helping people make sense of their inner world, paradigms and relationships. Help them see how their stories often prevent them from taking the right steps at the right time. Pure, deep conversations without distraction where we can just be who we are without all that noise and judgement and filters that often play part in our daily conversations. I want more of that.

It was a good first Deep Dive session.

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